Tranter-Sinni gallery has available works from all the artists below in our private network of collectors and artists. Many do not want the available works to be public knowledge. So if you are a knowledgeable art collector and wish to add a Koons or Fontana to your collection or a novice collector needing warm and friendly guidance, we can help. TranterSinni Gallery also represents an exciting group of emerging artists who represent the Warhol’s and Picasso’s of the future. We are very excited about Artists such as Tali Almog, Rá Paints, Canal Cheong Jagerroos, Hui Chi Li and more and it is these new exciting artists who we invite to exhibit in our Miami gallery while still meeting the needs of private collectors for the more established names which we address in our role as art advisors. So whether you are a collector or an art owner that wishes to sell a prized piece to another worthy collector  we would love to hear from you.

Tranter-Sinni Gallery has artworks for all artists listed

Kindest Regards,

Mona Tranter

Director/Owner and chief Art Advisor

TranterSinni Gallery Miami


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